How do I view my rewards and track progress?

Demilade Egbowon
Demilade Egbowon

Kindly follow the steps below to view your rewards and track your progress:

Go to the referral menu from your dashboard on the Moniepoint Business App.

  1. On the referral page, click on 'Personal Banking Referrals', and click on the side arrow for more details.
  2. From the dashboard, you can also view the total amount earned from that specific referral program and check the remaining duration before the program expires.
  3. Scroll further down to the invites tab to see the number and details of people who have started using your referral code or link. You can also track how much you've earned from them.

To understand the tasks your referrals need to complete for you to earn more, click on the down arrow next to Tasks.

  1. This section provides insights into completed and pending activities, earnings per activity, and the maximum number of times or days left for users to perform these activities.
  2. Click on the earnings tab to get a detailed breakdown of how much you have earned from the campaigns so far and identify the specific users contributing to these earnings.
  3. Now you have a comprehensive overview of your referral program, including campaign details, referral invites, task completion status, and earnings breakdown.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or require additional information.

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