My POS Terminal got blocked, please help me.

Demilade Egbowon
Demilade Egbowon
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POS terminals get blocked after entering the wrong transaction pin repeatedly. This is so as to prevent unauthorised access to the POS. Please follow the steps below to unblock your POS

  1. Ensure the POS terminal is turned on
  2. Log on to your Moniepoint dashboard via the app or web and sign into the business account linked to the blocked POS terminal.
  3. Navigate to 'settings'
  4. Select 'Security'
  5. Click on 'Reset Transaction PIN'
  6. Input your Moniepoint online password
  7. Input your desired New PIN, confirm the PIN, and then submit.
  8. Once completed, restart the POS terminal in order for the change to be effected. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or require additional information.


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